2010: The Year We Make Contact

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I remember over two decades ago when ‘2010’ was solely the title of a futuristic flick – and now we’re just days away. As we wind down this year, I know a number of you are thinking about your marketing strategies for the New Year. How can you attract more customers while keeping your costs down? Seems like a catch-22.


Even though there are is a growing popularity for online options – from web pages and blogs to email campaigns and Twitter, don’t ignore the importance of offline marketing. Although I predominately provide my consulting and copywriting services online, I still carry a stack of business cards wherever I go – handing them out regularly as prospects pop up.


So whether you need business cards, posters, letterhead or flyers, there’s a company I recommend you check out for your discount printing needs called PsPrint. PsPrint combines the ease and access of an online site with the quality of a premium printing shop.


Need proof?


Check out the left side bar on PsPrint’s home page under the alphabetical list of printing services (where you will also see weekly discounts flagged). Following this section, you will find a small section titled, Free Sample Kit with a link “Request Yours Now!” Click on the link and fill out the form. What better way to make a buying decision than receiving samples to inspect the caliber of the paper stock, layouts and color quality.


In addition to providing discount printing products, PsPrint offers a variety of templates and services – so if you’re like me and can’t afford to burn up hours working on layouts and designs, let PsPrint take over.


Before you consider canning some of your marketing campaigns, think about finding alternative sources that offer discounts. Killing your marketing efforts will kill your business. You need to convey your message consistently and frequently to keep your market’s attention.


We have not yet reached a futuristic society where printing needs no longer matter. You need to include offline options in your marketing strategies. This is obviously a good time of year to mail holiday cards. Maybe you want to consider a custom calendar that keeps your name and contact info in front of customers with a 12 monthly, helpful tips.


If you need help with some additional marketing tips or would like a review of your 2010 strategies, feel free to drop me a line at thesologuide@gmail.com or leave a comment.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


6 Responses to “2010: The Year We Make Contact”

  1. Toni McNulty Says:

    I just put up my blog and was on the lookout for good solopreneur resources that will help me build my business, and be a resource I can offer potential clients through my blogroll. It took about five minutes on your site to know that I’ll be spending more time here!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Douglas Dolan Says:


    Congratulations on getting yor blog up and running. And thank you for the kind comments.

    Happy Holidays to you, too!


  3. Dennis Yu Says:

    Hi Doug,

    You have great tips on this blog– I found you via the Bank of America forums.

    About printing, do you have a recommendation on how to get personalized greeting, thank you, and reminder cards? What we need is a way to input our client list and then have it auto-send notes based on birthdays, reminders, and other events– like what you’d do with an email trigger program, but direct mail.

    Love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Douglas Dolan Says:


    Thanks for the compliments.

    Regarding your mailing question, I can’t see for certain, but PsPrint.com offers a mailing service. I don’t know if they specifically do what you are asking for (regarding mailing on pre-scheduled intervals), but you may want to contact them and see.

    The other company that offers similar services is VistaPrint.com. If neither of these larger companies are willing, I would do a search by “online cards” and find an independent shop that would be willing to service your needs.

    I hope this helps.


  5. Toni McNulty Says:


    If you are unable to find what you’re looking for online, at a price that’s within your budget, consider using a Virtual Assistant.

    This is a perfect example of the kind of service a good Virtual Assistant can provide. Not only can a VA find the best price on personalized cards, he/she can maintain your mailing list and calendar and send out the cards in a timely manner. Plus, rather than using bulk mail, the way the big companies do, your cards will have real stamps on them, (and beautifully hand-written addresses, if you choose), personalized touches that people notice.

    Toni McNulty
    Virtual Assistant

  6. Douglas Dolan Says:

    Excellent point, Toni.


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