The Split Personality of Entrepreneurship

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Now with Halloween behind us, I must admit, I have always loved a good scary script. However, I tend to like my tales to remain in the realm of fiction. But, the more that I consult people with their businesses, I find far too many non-fiction horror stories about frightening circumstances of delusion, loss, and suffering.


Like the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, solopreneurs have a distinct personality – and sometimes a combination of both. OK, I’ll admit, maybe it is a stretch, but I was in the spirit. Maybe it was the full moon last night. However, just as with this classic tale when it comes to building a business, there are distinct personality types often at odds with each other and you must identify which type you are in order to succeed.


The Inventor

AKA the Dreamer. This type of solopreneur is very good at identifying a market opportunity and a solution to meet the demand. This individual is often very creative. They think outside the box and don’t take current situations (problems and solutions) at face value. They often believe that rules and patterns are for the weak. They can see potential and act upon it. They are quick to act and often don’t want to be bothered with minutia.


Examples of good business opportunities for the Inventor are:

  • creating products for patent and licensing
  • marketing consultant
  • creating and selling a business  in its infancy


The Manager

This type of individual is often effective at taking an idea and building upon it. They believe in a specific formula for building a business regardless of the market segment. Rules, regulations, policies and structure are their friends. They believe that most things can be solved with some form of calculation – simply gather up the variables and put them in the right order to create the correct answer.


Examples of good business opportunities for the Manager are:

  • buying into a business program
  • buying an existing business
  • buying a franchise
  • business operations consultant


The Split Personality

This is a very rare breed of solopreneur. They have a strong combination of both the Inventor and the Manager personality types and know when and how to flip between them. This individual can create and grow a business all on their own – separate from some well chosen outsourcing and joint venture opportunities.


I bring up these three personality types because it is imperative that you identify your match and make the most of it. Unless you have traits of one of the other personality types that you can mature with education and experience, it is far better for you to identify and accept your personality type. There is no shame in being one versus the other. And I do stress that it is rare – very rare that you are the Split Personality type.


Knowing your personality type will allow you to focus on the appropriate business structure to meet your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses. It will save you a horror story of heartache and financial loss.


One key characteristic of a successful solopreneur is the ability to make quick, decisive decisions (regardless of personality type). Stop stalling your business with the egotistical belief that you are something that you truly are not. Realize your personality type and get on with building your business around it.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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