How Much Does Your Health Play a Part in Your Business Plan?

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I have a Planning page on my site that gives the breakdown of a formal business plan and what to consider when drafting each section. Typically, the next step is to break down your plan into monthly, weekly or daily task lists as a roadmap to reaching your goals. However, I find that I fail at including consistent health care as part of those plans.


It’s true that investors won’t be looking for an outline of your diet and exercise regime in any plan that you present to them when looking to lock up funds. However, your health is one of the greatest investments that you can make for your business – especially as a solopreneur.


It hit me this morning when I came across an article by the prominent Dr. Oz titled, “Hey, Guys, Stop Babying Your Back”. Here’s the link to the story:


Although the piece by Dr. Oz has some points that are only applicable to men, you women will still get the point and should seek out steps applicable to your unique needs.


If you recall in a previous post, I mentioned that I went under the knife two months ago to correct two herniated and compressed discs in my back that hampered my daily living for over a year. Still recovering from that procedure coupled with for the last week I have been battling a pretty nasty flu / fever / cold / infection thingy has affected my momentum for growing my business – hence why you haven’t seen a post in over a week amongst other activities that I planned on completing during this time.


And that’s when it really hit home. Although overall I am relatively healthy, I realized that my plan for better health typically takes a back seat to accomplishing my business goals. And I bet that I am not alone.


I took a look at my short-term and long-term goals this morning and there weren’t any mentions synonymous with health other than what applies to profitability. Shame on me. I appreciate being healthy and know of all the benefits, yet instead of making my health a priority on a consistent basis as part of my plan, I leave it up to “when I have time”.


Here’s just a couple of the benefits to being fit:


  1. Clearer focus
  2. Increased creativity
  3. Higher level of energy
  4. More positive disposition


All positive qualities for building a business as opposed to the band-aids of high consumption of caffeine, working longer hours, and relying on joint venture and outsourcing partners to pick up the slack.


So I challenge you to take a look at your goals and tasks to see how health integrates into your plan. If you, like me, find that your health is not a prominent piece to building profitability, you are putting yourself at high risk of wasting hours each day to diminishing returns. And those days can build into weeks or longer if you aren’t actively working on improving your health on a regular basis.


If you want a healthy business, you must include a health plan for yourself.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


One Response to “How Much Does Your Health Play a Part in Your Business Plan?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great timing on this article, my entire family has been out the past week with flu symptoms putting me way behind. I’ve been thinking more about health, and your line…

    “All positive qualities for building a business as opposed to the band-aids of high consumption of caffeine, working longer hours”

    put what I was thinking in to words. In the short term you sometimes have to use those band-aids, but you have to recognize that they are band-aids and plan for long term production and success.

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