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As I mentioned in my birthday post for The Solopreneur’s Guide, I have exciting information kicking off Year 2. The first announcement was the PR partnership program with La Comunidad Online.


And now for the second big announcement.


No, this isn’t a post simply to tell you to sign up with LinkedIn. However, you will seriously want to reconsider after you read this post, because as you will read, I am introducing you to a new ebook, “LinkedIn-Sane” that will allow you to massively leverage communication with all the members on LinkedIn (see numbers below). And no, I don’t believe in using impressive words like “massively” as a cheap sales technique. The adverb is truly applicable in this case.


So without further ado……


The multitude of social and business networking sites are mind numbing. Choosing the right networks for your business and staying active can be a big time drain on time for a solopreneur. How many hours a day can you spend writing articles or comments trying to network and communicate your company’s message? And what if months later you decide that the network you have been putting effort into isn’t getting you the visibility that you had hoped?


Let’s cut to the chase to get you excellent visibility ASAP.


What if I told you that you could turn LinkedIn’s subscriber database of:


  • 45,000,000+ members,
  • 300,000 specific interest groups,
  • 1 new member every second


into your own personal email list to market your business, products and services to on a regular basis, regardless of whether they are part of your network and without any expense?


All you have to do is:


1. Sign up for a free account on LinkedIn

2. Buy a copy of LinkedIn-Sane by author Duke Getzinger

3. Apply the easy to follow instructions in this ebook


What is LinkedIn-Sane?

It is a legitimate method allowing you to market your business, products and services to LinkedIn’s massive member database simply by leveraging its own internal systems. It doesn’t violate any LinkedIn rules and it only takes you 24 to 48 hrs to implement.


LinkedIn-Sane isn’t an old rehashed program with a new shiny cover. Author Duke Getzinger is a serial entrepreneur that has an acute talent for applying creativity to a product or service making it more than its original purpose. LinkedIn-Sane is a new, proven approach for taking advantage of LinkedIn’s methods for communicating with its members.


LinkedIn-Sane and its bonus offer are yours for the insanely low price of $79. That’s it. Chances are that if you are spending any money on marketing, you are spending far more to reach far fewer people.


Trust me, I have paid for those programs that tell you they will give you the inside scoop, pulling back the curtain so you can have the tools to become the next big success. They do give you some information, but just enough to taste what is possible if you buy more products or services ….. and more, and more.


Separate from LinkedIn-Sane’s price, there are no other fees. You can set his method in motion for free. If you are still reeling from the last product that made you big promises that didn’t live up to the hype, then take a deep breath and remember the past is the past. LinkedIn-Sane carries a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.Plus, I personally wouldn’t risk the integrity of The Solopreneur’s Guide by backing it if I thought that it was mediocre or worse.


This is the real deal, all questions answered. If you have been reading my pages and blog posts, you know that I do not believe in get rich quick schemes or the sleazy sales technique of bait and switch. LinkedIn-Sane and the bonus offer are NOT the entry to an ascension model sale that strings you on and on requiring that you buy multiple products to accomplish what you thought you were buying in the first place.



So who is Duke Getzinger anyway?

Besides being the man behind and Getzinger Design, Duke has more than two decades of experience in creating effective marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, newspapers, national advertising agencies as well as young startups.


I connected with Duke almost a year ago through an online business forum. I took the time to establish a relationship with Duke because he consistently gave honest feedback, provided quality insight with creativity – giving troubled startups exciting ideas for seeing opportunity where they had perceived obstacles.



I recommend that you click on the following link and get your copy today to get the edge on your competition. Start getting your message out to as many people on LinkedIn as you want – there are no limitations.


I would add that you take the time to polish your profile on LinkedIn before you put Duke’s program in motion. You don’t want to establish a great line of communication only to draw interested contacts back to see a lackluster profile.


To get your copy of LinkedIn-Sane and the bonus offer, click on the link below.




Make sure that you listen to the audio interview on the landing page.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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