The Solopreneur’s Guide Turns 1 Today

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Happy birthday to you, … happy birthday to you, … happy birthday dear TSG, … happy birthday to you.


So with this post, I want to take some time to celebrate and reflect. The first birthday is a big one.


In this first year, my blog grew from an internet infant to the solopreneur niche leader. When it started out last October, my blog wasn’t even on the first ten pages of Google, but now if you do a keyword search for “solopreneur” on the 5 top search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, and Ask– The Solopreneur’s Guide is almost always the top spot on page 1. And all from organic growth, not a dime in advertising.


It was also during this first year that The Solopreneur’s Guide grew up – evolving from a blog into a consulting / copywriting business.


OK, enough bragging about my little baby. I am a proud parent, but in all reality, the year hasn’t been without its fair share of growing pains. It takes patience and dedication to spark momentum and build exposure – almost 100 posts here on the blog and roughly 500 combined comments and discussion threads in the online forums, plus a number of articles at various submission sites.


I had to fine tune some of my original page content because, to be honest, it was more toddler babble than mature advice. Plus, I had to go through some trial and error to separate out the “proven methods” from some self-proclaimed “gurus” to connecting with people of true value.


Here are some of those valuable individuals that deserve my thanks:


Maria Smith-Alvira from La Comunidad Online


Duke Getzinger of, and LinkedIn-Sane


Paul Pennel of Minnow Web Design


Greg Digneo from More Caffeine, Please


These kind people were open to sharing ideas, providing insight, creating opportunities and promoting my business.


I want to thank my customers that have graced me with the opportunity to assist them with their efforts.


And a big thank you, to YOU.


I appreciate your return visits, reading my blog posts, signing up your email, subscribing to my RSS feed, recommending me to a friend and either leaving a comment or contacting me with your kind words. Hopefully, The Solopreneur’s Guide blog posts have been helpful because I am nothing if I do not pursue my passion of helping others realize their full business potential.


Year 2 is already measuring up to go through a growth spurt. Stay tuned for some exciting news from Maria and Duke that I think you will find helpful for your business.


Thank you again for coming today to celebrate this happy day with me. Enjoy a piece of cake, have a great weekend, and well chat again next week.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


2 Responses to “The Solopreneur’s Guide Turns 1 Today”

  1. paul pennel Says:

    Doug, thank your for mentioning me. I think it was December when I found your blog, and I have really enjoyed following it since then.


  2. Douglas Dolan Says:


    Thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate your support of my blog and still the only person other than me to write a post for my blog.

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