Angela Logan: Mortgage Apple Cakes

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cake&applessmallI know from your previous responses that you like the interviews with other solopreneurs, but unfortunately (as of now) I don’t have an interview for this post. I wish I did – and I will see if I can – but as of late, Angela Logan, the solopreneur behind Mortgage Apple Cakes seems to be very busy.


I found out about Angela and her inspirational business from an article on MSN Money titled, Avoiding Foreclosure: It’s a Piece of Cake. Seems Miss Logan, a divorced mother of three, was facing foreclosure on her Teaneck, NJ home if she couldn’t come up with a $2,600 payment by today. So she decided to combat the foreclosure by putting her cooking talents to the task and came up with Mortgage Apple Cakes.


Angela’s inspirational story has both setbacks and saving graces. However, without re-iterating the entire article, I thought that I would draw your attention to it. You can click on the link above to get to the piece.


I hope that you enjoy. And I hope that I can get Ms. Logan to take some time away from baking to share with us the inside scoop of her amazing (and all too human) solopreneur story.


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Doug Dolan
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2 Responses to “Angela Logan: Mortgage Apple Cakes”

  1. pay cash advance Says:

    cute cake with the apples.

  2. Karen Spencer Says:

    This woman is an example of being knocked down by life but not staying down. What an inspiration! And because she is willing to help others she will reap the benefits of the good that she has sown. Wouldn’t it be great if the non-profits had programs in which all who had small business could if they wanted, donate 5% of their profits while helping themselves by putting their business on the map? Not only people in mortgage crisis could be helped but schools in need of equipment and supplies, and anything else that ails the people in these hard economic times while fostering a sense of community and philanthropy.

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