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Healthinsurance LogoAs a solopreneur facing the strong possibility of spinal surgery in the not too distant future, the concept of adequate, affordable health care coverage is thankfully not an overbearing distraction to my business.


I am one of the lucky self-employed with a good insurance plan. Fortunately, I had coverage prior to being diagnosed with a condition requiring extensive care. Hoping to qualify for an insurance policy after an injury or an illness is akin to believing in Santa Claus – both are a warm and comforting concept, but neither exists. Sorry if I spoiled the Santa thing for you.


A discussion about the social, political and economic conditions of our current health care system is not relevant to this post. What I hope to accomplish is a call to action for you to seriously investigate your options for health care coverage right now.


As a self-employed, solo entrepreneur, you are your business. Take you out of the equation and your business starts to deteriorate – rapidly if you operate a manual labor business (e.g. carpet cleaning) versus slowly if you are predominately an automated profession (e.g. Internet Marketing). Before you assume that you don’t qualify for or can’t afford a health insurance policy, do your homework.


My recommendation is you check out Health Insurance Resource Center (aka, an independently run Internet-based organization offering free, insightful information and quotes from a variety of insurance providers.


Health Insurance Resource Center began in 1994, making it their mission to become the most-trusted, independent source of free consumer information for affordable health and medical coverage. Some of the features of the site include:


  • The ability to receive insurance quotes
  • Information about the various types of insurance
  • Glossary of industry terms
  • State guidelines and health care rankings
  • Industry focused news
  • Risk Pools (especially important for uninsured solopreneurs)


Consider the alternatives. You can suffer with an injury or illness without treatment. Sure, you save the money that you would have spent on insurance and health care, but now you have to operate your business at less than 100%. And for how long?


Most illnesses and injuries that require you to have health insurance don’t go away on their own. I’m not talking about the common cold. I have health insurance and I don’t go to the doctor complaining of a cold. I am referring to real life scenarios like injuries sustained in a car accident or broken bones, pneumonia, and in my case, spinal surgery. These are not injuries or illnesses that work themselves out. As a matter of fact, they typically get worse the more you procrastinate seeking treatment. And if you thought you may have a cash flow problem including insurance in your monthly expenses, see what happens to your bottom line when you don’t have insurance and you need it.


Take the time to investigate your options. Health Insurance Resource Center is an excellent, one-stop, independent resource for answering your questions and receiving quotes for coverage.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


2 Responses to “Health Insurance Resource Center”

  1. Tim Baran Says:

    Doug, I happened upon your site during my search for information in health insurance for entrepreneurs. Thanks so much for posting this useful and somewhat comforting information.

    I could go on forever about the unconscionable lack of empathy of politicians, the health care industry and other players involved in maintaining the status quo (well, I just did a wee bit) but as you pointed out, that’s not terribly useful right now – we simply have to find a way to get coverage.

    I’ll check out the org that you suggested. Great site, by the way. I’ll explore more later.

  2. Douglas Dolan Says:


    Thanks for the comments. I hope the post helps solo entrepreneurs make an informed decision about health care. Waiting for an effective universal health care program is not the answer. Not only do they need to implement the program, but it will take some time to iron out the imperfections, too. Moreover, not having a health care plan in place is playing Russian Roulette. I appreciate having a one-stop-shop for getting answers to my questions. I believe Health Insurance Resource Center is a solid site.

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