Mission Statement

Helping solopreneurs (solo-entrepreneurs) create and grow successful, sustainable businesses through the phases of introspection, market research and analysis, business planning, creating action that produces results and business review to identify opportunities and mitigate risk.

The Solopreneur’s Guide helps you succeed at this mission by offering business consulting and writing services, plus providing free resources, business templates, forms, ebooks and relevant blog posts discussing current business issues.

Do you need answers to the following questions?

“Do I have what it takes to be a solo entrepreneur?”

“How do I start a small business?”

“Can my business idea succeed?”

“How do I create a business that is an extension of who I am and what I want in life?”

“How do I create a business plan? Do I need one?”

“How can I fund my business?”

“How can I create killer marketing content and new marketing campaigns – including email campaigns, direct mail pieces, and SEO content for your web site and blog?”

“How can I find customers and sell successfully?”

“Why isn’t my business successful?”

How can I help?

My name is Doug Dolan and I will be your guide. Through many years of business experience in retail, restaurants, the arts, and technology – in a variety of roles including operations, customer service, marketing, sales, management and ownership – I have years of studying and applying creative thinking combined with the best of business practices while dealing with real world successes and failures.

“The Solopreneur was a perfect bridge for us and to be honest, an answer to our prayers. He first listened to our product’s story, assessed the situation, and laid out a creative and thorough plan to move us ahead. Doug immediately had many ideas of areas to investigate, and thought outside the box for us. He then wrote a detailed plan, sought our approval, kept up constant communication with us. Everything he said he would do regarding our product he did.” – John & Jodi Petkovich

“Mr. Dolan’s experience and insight is very valuable. If anyone thinks he or she prepared a well written plan of action for their business, they had better include a professional like Mr. Dolan before pursuing their next steps. I highly recommend Doug Dolan as one of the business professionals you should consider for reviewing your business plan.” – Sarah Meyers

“You were always professional, courteous, returned phone calls or emails quickly and listened to what I and my company want to convey to our customers while taking all my personal points of view into consideration and translating them into a marketing strategy that fit my personality and style. The output of work I received from you far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the amount and quality of work you produced. I am very appreciative and look forward to working with you in the future.” Jayne Osborne-Dion

“Anyone who is serious about moving their plan to the next level needs to use your service.” Chris Rickman

My Background

Some of my professional experiences that I leverage into benefits for you are:

  • I’ve managed and mentored teams as small as 1 to as large as 35.
  • Due to my highly successful ability as a corporate matchmaker (matching the right candidates not only based upon their work experience, but goals, ethics, passion and personality to that of the department and the company), a position was created for me as “Corporate Screener”. I performed hundreds of interviews.
  • I’ve climbed the corporate ladder quickly – from the warehouse to Vice President in just 5 years – at one of the leading 3rd party memory companies in the world.
  • I owned my first business by the age of 35. I started my second business three years later.
  • I successfully co-owned and operated a fine dining restaurant, becoming the region’s highest and most numerous awarded for quality of cuisine, service and atmosphere – both in public opinion polls and by industry experts.
  • In one year, I restructured my $500k/year business to increase bottom line profitability by over $35k in a shrinking market.
  • I’ve negotiated and closed multi-million dollar sales contracts.
  • I’ve had my business advice published by Entrepreneur.com, FoxBusiness.com, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and The Washington Post.
  • I’ve been a Product Marketing Manager, managing products from cradle to grave.
  • I’ve been an internal auditor, monitoring all aspects of a $300M corporation’s operations to meet industry mandated quality standards.
  • I’ve authored several business processes and procedures as well as strategic business plans.
  • I’ve established and managed inventory logistic programs that reduced on-hand inventory by 20% equaling a reduction of $3.5M in inventory.
  • I’ve managed the sales and logistical needs of <$1M companies to >$1B corporations.


I am passionate about applying this knowledge and experience with integrity and dedication to help others realize their full potential.

My Contact Info

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